Celebrities Love MobiGrips:

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What People Are Saying:
Voted “Must Have Tech Tool for 2009”
- Technology Inc.
“A true ‘must have’ accessory and a ‘must feel’ to really appreciate. A safety belt for high tech toys.”
- Splash Magazines Worldwide
“MobiGrip offers another layer of protection.”
- Journal Sentinel Online
“Want to protect that sleek new smart phone, but don’t want to destroy its beauty with a protective case? MobiGrip has an inexpensive option.”
- New York Times
Voted “Best Stocking Stuffer for Teens”
- On Teens Today by Vanessa Van Patten
“Securing small gadgets against accidental falls couldn’t get any easier.”
- PopGadget.com
“You’ll find yourself wanting one for all your small, techy toys. People who carry their cell phone in a pocket or purse will find the MobiGrip invaluable as will those who take the time to see if it fits into their cell phone holster. I’m sure glad I did!”
- MammaFindings.com
“Sleek, simple smart and safe.”
- CoolSafetyProducts.com
“The MobiGrip is simple, inexpensive and can save you hundreds of dollars!”
- Blog by She Scribes
“It really works…and it’s inexpensive enough that you could have a supply customized with your logo on it and give them as tradeshow swag or customer gifts.”
- Technology Inc.
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