Mobigrip™ - The Safety Belt for High Tech Toys

Our solution is simple. Peel, Stick, Secure!

Secure your expensive, slippery handheld devices from falling, getting damaged or being forgotten. Compliment your natural grip and provide added feelings of safety, confidence and usability. Mobigrip™ works will all kinds of handheld devices and all ages of users.
  • Cell phones, PDAs, MP3s, iPods, Digital cameras (some), Glucose meters, TV remotes, Etc.
  • Attaches in seconds, works in seconds, instantly releives stress from worring about accidental drops!
  • An original patented invention, made in the USA!

Mobigrip on Iphone
Simply peel and stick Mobigrip to the 'clean' underside of any handheld device and loop the micro bungee over your finger to instantly secure the device from dropping. The micro bungee easily slips on and off the finger as needed, securing the device instantly. When not in use, loop it around Mobigrip's circular body for a cleaner look.

When properly attached Mobigrip provides you with ongoing protection against damage from accidental falling. Users will appreciate the benefits as soon as they try it for the first time. Insist on the original Mobigrip for all your devices and enjoy the added comfort and peace of mind from not worrying about holding your device; it's now holding you!

We hope you enjoy our product and share your stories with us! We can customize packaging and Mobigrip for a perfect gift or promotion, call for details.

Mobigrip is the inexpensive answer to a costly problem.